US Department of Justice Certified

Zieva brings to India the "Armani of security"

Bulletproof fashion developed for people who desire protection with sophistication, elegance, discretion and comfort. This clothing can be custom made or chosen from our extensive catalogue; including garments such as T-shirts, shirts, kurtas, jackets, suits and womenswear.

Sophisticated, elegant, with "intelligent design", our garments are contemporary, avant-garde, versatile, innovative, comfortable, and also very discreet and functional. These garments can be carried off with ease and casual sophistication in various lifestyle pursuits, be it travel, professional gatherings, social engagements, sports or entertainment activities.

Manufactured with latest materials technology and specialized manufacturing processes, our garments fulfill the most demanding international quality requirements:


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Ergonomic with adjustments available to fit
        individual bodies
  • Utilitarian pockets available
  • Easy maintenance
  • Customised and tailor made if required
  • Personalized
  • Safe and discrete
  • High comfort
  • Interior and/or exterior use

  • Body Temp Reducing

    Sweat Resistant

    Wrinkle Free

    Rub Resistant



    Fade Proof

    Does Not Bleach

    Trauma Reducing

    Anti Trauma Plate